Posted by Dan Camp

What do you think happens when your church leaders used some of the monthly Session gatherings to actively and intentionally pray for God’s discerning leading and guidance; or meet together the first Tuesday evening of each month to be lead by scripture reading as they pray for those in the congregation and neighborhood with special need along with the needs of our church’s and God’s kingdom work; or when the leaders read and discuss together the book, Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit, which challenged and encouraged the leadership to walk closer to the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit? What’s happening is that the prayers, the season of reading, reflection and discussion, the activity of the Holy Spirit and open hearts resulted in the committed and humble desire to engage our neighbors in prayer.

So, two Saturdays in February, after more prayers and preparations (nuts & bolts), your church’s elders and pastors (along with Diana Camp) got into teams of two’s and three’s, picked a block/street and went out knocking on our neighbors’ doors. We introduced ourselves, told them we were from Marcus Whitman Church and then asked each one who answered their door, “Is there anything we and the church can lift up in prayer for you and yours?” If the person made a request, the prayer team asked if they could pray with him/her right then and there. The team members also asked if they could share this prayer request with the Marcus Whitman Church family during the Worship Service. The team members also invited him/her to take a “PrayForMe” card which had some information about our church (address, phone number, website & purpose statement – Know, Grow & Go) plus information as to how to contact the church to share any further prayer concerns he/she may have. The response has been friendly dogs, nice and friendly “hellos” with our neighbors and a number of folks sharing concerns and needs for prayer. Though the weather at times has been cold or wet, the warmth of fellowship between the team members and gracious work of the Holy Spirit have all been encouraging, awe inspiring and affirming this work.

It is the prayers and hopes of your elders and pastors that we will continue this visitation of prayer in the neighborhoods until we cover all the area south of the church, then to the west and finally into the northern neighborhoods. Your elders and pastors are looking for some others folks to join us as we go, meet our neighbors and ask to pray with each of them. Our next time to gather and go out will be Saturday, March 22nd – meeting at the church at 2:40 p.m. and visiting from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30p.m. If you wish to join the prayer ministry or have any questions, please speak to one of your elders or Pastors Rob and Lynell.